Thursday, 30 April 2015

J.K.R. Weekly blogpost Video Of The Week - Walking Poodle Turns Heads In China

This was my reading task this week:

If you ever visit the city of Chengdu that lies southwest of China's Sichuan Province don't be surprised to see a cute backpack-carrying poodle strutting down the streets on its hind legs. According to its owner 43-year-old Zhu Tai, the dog can walk for almost a mile before it needs to come down on all fours.

Tai, who owns several dogs, says he tries to train them all. However, this poodle is by far the smartest! The one-year-old who loves performing tricks and dressing took a mere two months to figure out how to walk like a human. Also, though the dog is always dressed in a skirt and bonnet, it is a male poodle. Tai says the outfit is just more comfortable and easier for the dog to wear.

Article Comprehension

  1. What according to the author is a common sight on the streets of Chengdu?
  2. How long did the poodle take to learn the trick?
  3. Why does his owner dress him in a skirt?

Critical Thinking Challenge

Some people believe it is cruel to make dogs perform tricks like these? What do you think? Why?

critical thinking challenge. My ansewrs: 
I think it's not cruel but it's not easy, we go through it all the time it's just like learning the ukulayly you just have to practice and practice and practice.
1. According to the author a common sight on the streets of chengdu is a male poodle walking on hind legs dressed as a school girl complete with backpack 2. It took 2 months
to learn the trick 3. The dogs owner dresses him like this because it is more easy to
walk in and is comfortable for the dog.

Literacy Plan